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Who are we?

We are an independent knowledge network created by a corporate alliance in order to influence the education sector through the analysis and production of information, the generation of spaces for debate, dialogue and training that contribute to the management and monitoring of public policies in education.
We connect initiatives between the private and public sectors to help close gaps at the territorial and national levels.
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ExE History

20 years proving that it is possible


Board of Directors


Andrea Escobar Vilá

Executive Director

Diego Sanchez

General Coordinator

Hernán Osorio

Financial Coordinator

Andrés Villamizar

Administrative Coordinator

Ana Parada

Communications Coordinator

Ana Salazar

Data Leader

Paola Caro

Evidence Leader

Alexandra Bernal

Leader of Public Affairs

Ana Berbesi

Public and Private Relations Leader

Natalia Niño

Project Manager

Belky Rios

Evaluation and Monitoring Officer

Natalia Peña

Program Officer

Andres Garcia

Data Professional

Jhonatan Rosas

Information Systems Professional

Saluma Castillo

Innovation Professional

Laura Rodriguez

Professional in Use of Evidence

Luisa Blanco

Content Creation Professional

Diana Bonilla

Relationships Professional

Ricardo Bravo

Purchasing Professional

Diana Parra

Accounting Assistant

Claudia Muñoz

Administrative Assistant